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The Rules of Richieball

The Number One Rule in Richieball
There is no practicing for Richieball. Unlike most sports where dedication and practicing are essential to becoming a great player, we at Richieball not only frown upon it, but have BANNED it. We throw Richieballs only once a year, on Richieball Day, and demand that everyone do the same. Any person who is caught practicing for Richieball will face the harshest of penalties.


Game Layout
Two Richieball goals (remarkably similar to 55-gallon garbage cans) are placed 20 yards apart from one another. Measurement takes place from the front of the goals.

One regulation Richieball (remarkably similar in shape and appearance to a 16" softball).


A team consists of two players who both stand at the same goal.

A coin flip will be used to determine who gets first shot or choice of goal.

Teams and players alternate shots.

One round consists of all four players taking a shot.

Players must throw from behind the front of the goal. Any violation will result in loss of throw.


A goal consists of the Richieball entering the can either on the fly or on the bounce.

If the other team accidentally hits the ball into the goal, the goal counts.

If a player makes a goal, the players that haven't thrown in the round get a chance to rebut that goal. If the last player in the round makes a goal, the round is over and a point is awarded to the team that scored.

If a two players make a goal from opposing teams, the goals cancel out. The same is true if all four players make a goal in the same round.

If two players from the same team make goals in a given round and the other team misses thier tosses, two points are awarded to the scoring team.

Regular season games are played to 1 goal.  Playoff games are played to 2 goals.  The Championship game is played to 3 goals.   


Al Lassendrello Shot Clock Rule

Each player has 20 seconds to throw the Richieball.  The shot clock begins once the team has received possession of the ball. This (like most Richieball rules) is a gentlemen’s rule and is intended to keep play moving.  The opposing team can issue a warning to the team in violation of the rule.  If the opposing team feels that the shot clock rule is being intentionally violated they can notify a council member (after warning the other team) and a council member will use discretion to penalize the team in violation by taking away throws.  


Richieball Etiquette
Team unity is a cornerstone of the Richieball atmosphere and can be expressed in many ways. Traditional approaches have incorporated flashy uniforms, extravagant entrances, creative team names, the signing of contracts, alliance-forming, and the unveiling of surprises of great magnitude. However teams (or fans) wish to express their unity is totally in their hands. Doing nothing special on Richieball Day is frowned upon.


Player promptness is critical to Richieball. While players and supporters are generally required to arrive by Noon, the Richieball Head Council suggests getting to the site hours before gametime. The few hours before gametime can sometimes be the most enjoyable.

Becoming the Richieball Champion is something that most kids can only dream about. That is precisely why when one becomes Richieball Champion, it is imperative that he carry himself with the utmost dignity. The Richieball Champion must serve as an ambassador of the sport, promoting the game whenever possible.


Players are expected to act in the best interest of Richieball at all times. Any player that takes this for granted may be banned from the sport by the Head Richieball Council.


Walking through the alley while a game is in progress is disrespectful to the competitors and the sport.

"Walk-Throughs" will not be tolerated and will be taken into strong consideration when inviting teams to return to Richieball.


At certain points throughout the competition, exclaiming “Noonan!" is indeed necessary. Noonans can be an important tool in a team’s effort to mentally defeat their opponent. Players are cautioned, however, not to use the Noonan in an obnoxious fashion. Excessive use of the Noonan should not be practiced.



Alley (al’ley) n.: The field of play between the two Richieball goals.


Head Richieball Council (head ri’chie’ball coun’cil) n.: The council consists of all of the original participants in Richieball and one honorary member.


Hildreth Cup (hil’dreth cup) n.: The traveling trophy awarded to the champions.


Noonan (noo’nan) n.: The use of the word “noonan" to disrupt a competitor’s concentration.

Pittsburgh (pitts’burgh) n.: When the ball bounces off the goal.


Rebuttle (re’but’tal) n.: When a player has the opportunity to cancel out a goal that the opposing has made.


Rimjob (rim’job) n.: When the ball bounces off the rim of the goal.


Veteran Status (vet’er’an stat’us) n.: Awarded to any player that has completed four Richieball seasons.

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