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What the heck is Richieball?

Richieball is where washed up athletes become legends.  


Richieball is an original charity sporting event that takes place the second Saturday of every August.  


80 teams compete in a 6 game regular season to determine seeding for the 80 team double-elimination tournament with winner being awarded the prestigious Hildreth Cup.  


All 80 teams (160 spots) are accounted for this year and all proceeds go towards charity (as always).


Richieball consists of 2 teams competing to make a Richieball (eerily similar to a 16" softball) 60 feet into a Richieball Goal (eerily similar to a red 55 gallon steel drum).  Here is a demonstration:


































Richieball was founded on a Summer day in 1997 when seven friends gathered to have a barbecue. They began mindlessly throwing a 16" softball into a garbage can from roughly twenty yards away. A nickel was awarded when a person successfully made it into the can. The game lasted throughout the day and was given the name Richieball after Richie Hildreth who was visiting Chicago from Virginia.


Over the course of the next few years Richieball grew in popularity because of the game’s simplistic nature coupled with an ultra competitive approach by its players. Thanks in large part to the No Practicing Clause, every competitor enters the tournament on an even playing field.


Today, Richieball has evolved into a phenomenon that is sweeping across the Chicagoland area and beyond at a rapid pace. Players, families, and fans travel from 1000’s of miles away for one weekend a year to celebrate this phenomenon.


The Fans are the engine that drives the Richieball machine. The entire Richieball festival is made possible through the contributions of those who play the game. By providing plenty of beer and burgers for all, Richieball is the only sport where the players pay and the fans come for free.


Richieball Head Council

Matt "Spoonman" Stabosz 


                      On August 13, 2011, the life of Matthew “Spoonman" Stabosz came to a tragic end at the young age of 30 years old. Matt left behind his wife, Laura, and their 10 month old daughter, Hailey. Matt was a family man in every sense: a proud father, loving husband, son, brother and uncle. His outgoing personality and sense of humor made him an incredible friend and person that will be sorely missed.

     Surrounded by his family and friends, Spoonman died doing what he loved, playing Richieball. As one of the co-founders of Richieball in 1997, Spoonman loved the motto: “Where Washed Up Athletes Become Legends." Matt would participate in any event where he could potentially become “legendary" including: video game marathons, pranks, bar games, and bowling.  Matt’s three Richieball championships have cemented his legacy in Richieball.  Not only is Matt a Richieball legend, Matt is considered one of the best to ever play the game.  

     Matt lived his life never wanting to miss a thing. His early passing has left a huge void in the lives of those he touched and we hope to continue on with Richieball in his honor.  He will always be our Champion!

Chris Faddis

As 1/2 of Team Glorious (the only remaining original team in Richieball) Chris has won 2 Hildreth Cups and was honored with 2 MVP.  Chris enjoys popcorn, live music, and Richieball.

Nunzio Russo

A 1 time Hildreth Cup winner, Nunzio is among the Richieball elite.  When not thinking about Richieball, Nunzio thinks about his old Nissan Maxima, golf, and Hulkamania.  

Mike "Iceman" Debre

As 1/2 of Team Glorious (the only remaining original team in Richieball) Mike has won 2 Hildreth Cups and 1 MVP.  Mike enjoys all things that are glorious, especially a good, long roadtrip.

Miguel Gonzalez

El único miembro del consejo que habla español, Miguel tiene una clara ventaja cuando estrategias durante Richieball. Miguel ha ganado dos Copas de Hildreth y es uno de los Richieballers más peligrosas alrededor.

Mike Stasiek

As one of the most decorated Richieball participants, Stash holds the dubious honor of being 1 of 2 people to have won 3 Hildreth Cups (Spoonman being the other).  Stash misses his hoopty-van dearly.

Pudge Baumann

Pudge is an honoray Council member brought on not only for his wisdom but also to break stalemates among the original 6.  With the exception of the Blackhawks and Richieball, Pudge despises all things Chicago.

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